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Dnot smok whil using Aygstin, spcially i you a old than 35. Smoking can incas you isk blood clots, stok, hat attack causd by this mdicin.

Nothindon actat (Aygstin) is a dug usd ttat abnomal utin blding. Sid cts, dug intactions, dosag, stoag, and pgnancy saty inomation should b viwd pittaking this mdication.

Amily histoy bast canc and DVT/P, cunt/histoy dpssion, ndomtiosis, DM, HTN, bon minal dnsity changs, nal/hpatic impaimnt, bon mtabolic disas, SL; conditions xacbatd by luid tntion (g, migain, asthma, pilpsy).

This mdication can caus bith dcts. Dnot us i you a pgnant. Tll you doctight away i you bcom pgnant.

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