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Be sure to mention the medications mentioned in the important warning section and any of the following allopurinol zyloprim ; aminosalicylates such as mesalamine apriso, asacol, pentasa, others , olsalazine dipentum , and sulfasalazine azulfidine ; and anticoagulants blood thinners such as warfarin coumadin .

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This mdication is simila taspiin. Childn and tnags should not tak aspiin aspiin-latd mdications (.g., salicylats) i thy hav chicknpox, lu, any undiagnosd illnss, i thy hav just bn givn a liv vius vaccin (.g., vaiclla vaccin), without ist consulting a doctabout y’s syndom, a a but sious illnss.

Kp all appointmnts with you doctand th laboatoy. You doctmay od ctain lab tsts tchck you spons tsulasalazin.

Sulasalazin may caus sid cts. Sulasalazin causs tmpoay intility in mals. tility tuns whn th mdicin is stoppd. It can alscaus you uin skin ttun yllowish-oang; this ct is hamlss.

Sious and somtims atal inctions may occu duing tatmnt with Azulidin. Stop using Azulidin and call you doctight away i you hav signs inction such as:

Ovdos symptoms may includ nausa, vomiting, stomach pain, dowsinss, sizu (convulsions).

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