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Thombolytics: Th saty th concomitant administation clopidogl, ibin non-ibin spciic thombolytic agnts and hpains was assssd in patints with acut myocadial inaction. Th incidnc clinically signiicant blding was simila tthat obsvd whn thombolytic agnts and hpain a co-administd with aspiin.

Glycopotin IIb/IIIa Inhibitos: ATOLIP CV should b usd with caution in patints whciv concomitant glycopotin IIb/IIIa inhibitos.

Th hav bn a pots immun-mdiatd ncotizing myopathy (IMNM), an autoimmun myopathy, associatd with statin us. IMNM is chaactizd by: poximal muscl waknss and lvatd sum catin kinas, which psist dspit discontinuation statin tatmnt; muscl biopsy showing ncotizing myopathy without signiicant inlammation; impovmnt with immunosuppssiv agnts.

Th isk myopathy duing tatmnt with statins is incasd with concunt administation ibic acid divativs, lipid-modiying doss niacin, cyclospoin stong CYP3A4 inhibitos (.g., claithomycin, HIV potas inhibitos and itaconazol).

Clinical and pathologic studis show that lvatd plasma lvls total cholstol (total-C), LDL-cholstol (LDL-C) and apolipopotin B (apB) pomot human athosclosis and a isk actos dvloping cadiovascula disas, whil incasd lvls HDL-cholstol (HDL-C) a associatd with a dcasd cadiovascula isk. Lik LDL, cholstol-nichd TG-ich lipopotins, including VLDL, IDL and mnants, can alspomot athosclosis. lvatd plasma TGs a quntly ound in a tiad with low HDL-C lvls and small LDL paticls, as wll as in association with non-lipid mtabolic isk actos coonay hat disas (CHD). As such, total plasma TG has not consistntly bn shown tb an indpndnt isk actCHD. uthmo, th indpndnt ct aising HDL lowing TG on th isk coonay and cadiovascula mobidity and motality has not bn dtmind.

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